North of Eivissa is the bay of Talamanca. The beach here is very loved by tourists and Ibicencians because of its relaxing atmosphere. There are different kinds of beachbars and restaurants, from where the camareros, deliver food and drinks and the beach. From different spots on Talamanca you have a great view over Eivissa. Also in the eveninghours the atmosphere in the bars and restaurants are great to enjoy a nice evening out.


Islandtransfer-Ibiza offers reliable, direct and sharp priced transfers from the airport to your hotel, apartment or accommodation in Talamanca. Book your transfer at least 36 hours in advance, so we can guarantee your transfer. Book also your returntransfer in advance directly online via www.islandtransfer-ibiza.com. Here you find an overview of the different hotels in Talamanca. The transfer to Talamanca is about 20 minutes, depending where your hotel is located.

Islandtransfer-Ibiza organizes your transfer from and to one of these accommodations in Talamanca:

  • Apartamento Casa Francizka
  • Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort
  • Hostal Talamanca
  • Hotel Argos
  • Hotel Lux Isla
  • Hotel Ses Figueres
  • Hotel Simbad
  • Nobu Hotel Ibiza bay
  • OD Talamanca
  • Paraíso del Mar
  • The Cube

Is your hotel, accommodation, or airbnb-location not listed. This is no problem; put the hotelname or address in the bookingconfirmation and your transfer will be organized. If you have any questions about the destination, please sent an email to info@islandtransfer-ibiza.com.