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Planning a holiday starts already before your trip. Making plans and looking for the right places to go is part of the pre-fun. On Ibiza there are plenty of possibilities for interesting day and evening activities, like going to the beach, restaurants, cities or hippy markets.  Islandtransfer-Ibiza offers a private service which adds to this. Plan your private transfer for you and your company to your favorite spot. Don’t waste valuable time and enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

Online transfer portal

Islandtransfer-Ibiza was founded in the summer of 2018. The owner Nico Buts, has more than 10 years of experience in tourism for a big travel agency, of which 7 years on Ibiza. As no other Nico knows what is important for people that go on a trip and booked a holiday on the beautiful island Ibiza. The increasing demand to this individual approach of enjoying a vacation is the idea for Islandtransfer-Ibiza. An online transfer portal for private transfers on Ibiza.



Islandtransfer-Ibiza is part of HETibiza and registered on Ibiza.

HETibiza is the solution for excursions, activities, boat trips, rental cars and private transfers on Ibiza. We work together with local Ibizencian companies who offer interesting activities with quality and for a good price. For questions about activities on Ibiza, contact Nico via e-mail info@hetibiza.com or by phone: +34611318817.

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Islandtransfer-Ibiza, part of HETibiza

Calle Ramon y Cajal 45, P02

07820 Sant Antoni de Portmany, Illes Baleares, Spanje

NIF/CIF: Y5268017L

IBAN Bank account: ES41 2100 0213 4302 0066 3495 /  account holder: Nico Wilhelmus Johannes Buts / BIC: CAIXESBBXXX


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