Here you find an overview of frequently asked questions. When your question is not in this list, please sent an email to info@islandtransfer-ibiza.com and you will receive an answer as soon as possible.

Before the booking

How do I make a booking on the website?

First find out where your hotel or holiday accommodation is located. When you need help to find out, please use this link. Here you will find all destinations with an overview of the hotels and holidayhomes that are located here.

Islandtransfer-Ibiza offers 2 sorts of transfers: airport- & islandtransers.

To book an airporttransfer:

  1. Choose the date and time of your flightarrival on Ibiza.
  2. Choose at ‘place of departure’ airport Ibiza and at destination the area or city where you want to go. Choose the amount of persons, if you wish a return or one-way and click on ‘find your transfer‘.
  3. U get see an overview of the available transferpossibilities. Choose the cheapest transfer and click on ‘book transfers
  4. In the next screen you can choose if you have extra luggage or if you want a childseat (free of charge). Handluggage and 1 Suitcase a person is included in the price. Click on Go on.
Where is my hotel?

When you are not sure in which city your hotel is located, please have a look on our destination-page. Here you’ll find an overview per city and holidaydestination with all the hotels that are located there. If your hotel or holidayhome is not listed, please sent a message with your question to info@islandtransfer.com en we are happy to help you.

Do I have to register als a travel agent to book a transfer?

No, this isn’t necessary. Everyone can make a booking.

Which information do I need before I book?

You need the following information before you make a booking:

With an airporttransfer:

  1. Flightinformation
  2. Arrivaltime & -date
  3. Number of persons
  4. Hotelname + area / city of destination
  5. When booking a return, also your departuredate & – time.

With an islandtransfer:

  1. Place of departure
  2. Time of transfer
  3. Number of persons
  4. Destination (for example point of interest)
I cannot find the route which I want. What now?

When the transfers you want, is not available in the bookingsystem, please sent us an email. You will receive an answer as soon as possible with the possibilities and a price-indication.

Sent your request to: info@islandtransfer-ibiza.com

How do I pay for my transfer?

After you’ve made your reservation, you can choose in the last screen how you wish to pay.

There are 3 payment possibilities:

  1. You pay mit a creditcard via Paypal.
  2. Transfer the total amount directly on our account. Use the bookingcode and your name in the transferinformation.
  3. Pay directly on arrival at Ibiza airport to the driver. With this option only a cashpayment is possible.
Can I book with multiple stops?

A transfer with multiple stops is bookable. Sent us an e-mail with your specific wishes and we will sent you a price-indication.

Sent your specific transferwish to: info@islandtransfer-ibiza.com

I am a travelagent. What are my possibilities?

For travelagents there are a lot of interesting possibilities on Islandtransfer-Ibiza. First ofcourse is a very interesting commissionmodel. When you want more information, please contact us on info@islandtransfer-Ibiza.com.

You can register yourself via the register-screen on the website. The advantage from registrating is that the bookingprocess is easier and fast. Also you can see in your account your accountdetails, manage invoices and you have an overview of all your reservations. Try it out and register yourself directly.

My holiday starts

I will arrive with 1 extra person, can I change the transfer?

When you inform us 36 hours before the planned transfer, we can change your booking. When you inform us within 36 hours before you are arriving, we cannot guarantee that this extra person can be taken on the booked transfer. This is because of the planning we make in advance. To provide you with the best service possible, we will do our best to organize the transfer you wished for. When you have a change in your booked transfer, please sent an email to info@islandtransfer-ibiza.com.

How much luggage can I take with me?

Next to your handluggage you’re allowed to take 1 standard suitcase in your transfer. We automatically include 1 suitcase per person in your booking. You don’t need to include this in your booking. When you have more suitcases, please inform us. This is possible in the screen which pops up when you book your transfer. There are extras costs when you take more suitcases as 1 per person.

How lang will the transfer take?

The duration of the transfer is depending where you are going. On Ibiza there are mostly little streets, which are full of traffic, especially in the summer. When you choose an airporttransfer, we calculate that you will come through the door with your suitcase in ca. 40 minutes after landing. On the site airporttransfer you’ll find a distance calculator from the airport to all the holidayresorts on the island. When you have specific questions, please sent an e-mail to: info@islandtransfer-Ibiza.com.

Throughout the holiday

When do I get to hear my pick-up time for the returntransfer?

When you have booked a return transfer, you’ll receive 1 day before your departure your pick-up. We will give you a telephonecall or sent you a WhatsApp. We organize your transfer in a way that you are 2 hours before your departure on the airport.

Where do I meet the driver?

On the airport of Ibiza the driver waits for you in the hall which you are entering with your suitcase. When you do not see anyone, please go in the direction of the right exit. At the next-to-last office before the exit, directly across from the police-office, you will find your conctact. When no one is there, please call directly to: +34 611 318 817.