Cala Gracio

Cala Gracio

North of San Antonio lies the nice small region of Cala Gracio. From San Antonio the beautiful beach here is easy to reach on foot. But not many tourists know this beautiful place, because this beach is hidden within the rocky coast. When you walk through Cala Gracio you notice immediately the beauty of the nature here. Green agriculture areas with wild colourful flowers and big pinetrees. The beach of Cala Gracio is perfect for families with children. The water is always calm, because it lies in a bay. Big trees make sure tourists can find shelter against the sun. A visit to Cala Gracio can be combined easily with a visit to the city of San Antonio.

Aquarium Cap Blanc

In Cala Gracio lies a hidden cave which is a natural aquarium Cap Blanc. For a good price you can see here colourful fish, reys, squids and other seaanimals in their natural habitat.


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  • Hotel Abrat
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  • Fiesta Hotel Cala Gracio
  • Fiesta Hotel Tanit
  • Hostal La Torre
  • Marble Stella Maris Ibiza

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