San Antonio – centre

San Antonio – center

The capital and the municipality share the same name, Sant Antoni de Portmany, or short Sant Antoni or San Antonio. San Antonio is the 2nd biggest city of the Island. The city centre of San Antonio is a collection of apartmentbuildings, bars, restaurants and shops all build very closely to another. The reason for this illogical mix of buildings is because of the fact that San Antonio for 50 years still was a small sleeping fishing town. In the last decades the city has grown very fast to become one of the most important tourist centers on Ibiza. But because of the big buildings and houses they had to build around the city center. With a walk through these little streets of San Antonio you will find a lot of interesting, enormous beautiful and creative drawings on a numerous of apartmentbuildings spread throughout the center, which gives the city a different look.


With the sunset, San Antonio has a fantastic natural phenomena daily. The sun sets behind the islands which lay out of the coast in the west of the large bay. The view is every day again a fantastic sight. To make sure everyone can enjoy this beautiful view, the city built a 2 km. long promenade. Directly on this promenade, which is called sunset strip as well, is the world-famous bar Café del Mar, known for its relaxing loungemusic. Nowadays the loungemusic is being combined with dancemusic, which encourages the enthusiasm of the thousands of daily visitors. Other bars, like Mambo or Savannah directly next to Café del Mar are getting slowly famous as well. When you want to see this fantastic sunset with your own eyes and enjoy a nice cocktail, Islandtransfer-Ibiza gladly brings you to San Antonio. Contact us 36 hours before you plan to go to San Antonio, so we can organize the best and cheapest transfer for you.

Port de San Antonio

Because of its natural shape the bay of Sant Antoni has always been a harbour. Even in the roman times it already served as a port, with the name: Portus Magnus. The problem of the harbour has always has been protection. Because of the flat surface, San Antonio wasn’t suitable as a place to build a kind of fortress. The harbour of San Antonio is therefore always used as a fishing harbour, until tourism started. Now there are a lot of small and big boats that bring tourists to the most beautiful coasts in the West and the north of Ibiza. The square in front of the harbour is a beautiful place to sit down with big fountains and large palmtrees. The famous egg of Columbus with in the middle a replica of de Santa Catalina, has grown as a symbol of the city.

West End

Tourism in San Antonio has grown enourmoulsy because of the British visitors. Therefore you’ll find a lot of British bars in the center of the city as well. In the street where these bars are located you’ll find a lot of liveliness in the summer months. For a lot of tourists, this street, with the name West End, is the start of a nice evening out which often ends in one of the bigger clubs in San Antonio, Eden or Es Paradis, where people can dance and party until the early morning hours.


The distance between the airport and the center of San Antonio is about 22 kilometer. Islandtransfer-Ibiza offers reliable, direct and sharp priced transfers from the airport to your hotel, apartment or accommodation in the center of San Antonio. Book your transfer at least 36 hours in advance, so we can guarantee your transfer. Book also your returntransfer in advance directly online via Here you find an overview of the different hotels in San Antonio. The transfer to this region is about 30 minutes, depending where your hotel is located.

Islandtransfer-Ibiza organizes your transfer from and to one of these accommodations in the center of San Antonio.

  • Apartamentos Casa Maria
  • Apartamentos Central Park
  • Apartamentos El Moro
  • Apartamentos Poniente Playa
  • Apartamentos San Francisco
  • Azuline Hotel Pacific
  • Es Mitjorn
  • Hostal Alicante
  • Hostal Balearic
  • Hostal Ferrer
  • Hostal Flores
  • Hostal Horizonte
  • Hostal Mari
  • Hostal Micalo
  • Hostal Montaña
  • Hostal NWT Sunset Ibiza
  • Hostal Palmera
  • Hostal Roca
  • Hostal Roig
  • Hostal Rosalia
  • Hostal Torres
  • Hotel Apartamentos Central City
  • Hotel Brisa
  • Hotel Don Pepe
  • Hotel Gran Sol Ibiza
  • Hotel Marfil
  • Hotel Orosol
  • Hotel Piscis
  • Hotel Playasol Marco Polo
  • Hotel Tropical Ibiza
  • Hotel Vedra
  • Ibiza Rocks Hotel
  • Ibiza Rocks Budget Apartments
  • Invisa Hotel Es Pla
  • Marino
  • Mar i Vent apartamentos Ibiza
  • The Red Hotel
  • The White Apartments
  • Valencia Hostal

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